Values of Vaigai


Our business has been built based on the trust of thousands of clients over four decades. We pride ourselves in giving every client the best possible deal. When a customer purchases from Vaigai, he gets the correct quantity and the top most quality. We also sell the customer material as per their requirement and usage. All our sales are invoiced and taxes are paid in compliance with applicable laws.


Our promise to our customers is to give them the advantage of choice. To keep this promise, we always deal with products and brands that are reputed for their quality and which are available across a wide price range that caters to varying budgets of our clients.


We provide the best possible service to our clients. From pre-sales support during product selection to planning quantities for purchase and after-sales support for on-site installation, we believe in utilizing our expertise in this field for the benefit of our clients.


Any success our organization has enjoyed is because of our people. We are an equal opportunity employer with no discrimination on caste,gender, religion etc. The diversity of the clients we service is reflected in the diversity of our workforce. We take pride in fair treatment of employees, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements. Many of the team members have over two decades of service with us and we constantly strive to ensure the monetary growth and overall development of our people.