Mrs. Vidya Subramanian

A pioneer in the industry,Mrs. Vidya is one of the founders of Vaigai Sanitation. At a time when the market was dominated by wholesalers, Mrs.Vidya revolutionized the business by working closely with architects and other relevant authorities. She was also the first to realize that homebuyers deserve a choice in the products that they use in their homes and opened our first retail showroom in Chennai in 1988. A reputed marketer, she has taken Vaigai’s business from strength to strength by her ability to forecast market trends, acquire and manage large client relationships and work closely with our brands in expanding our product range and performance.

Mr. R Surendran

An alumnus of IIM Calcutta, Mr.Surendran worked extensively in the ceramics field and was the manufacturer of the only ISI rated Porcelain Kitchen sinks which have been acclaimed all over India. Vaigai Sanitation was his entrepreneurial brainchild and his managerial expertise, combined with strategic vision have been significant differentiators in our success story. As full-time Director, he continues to oversee our operations, financial management and process controls.

Mr. S C Charan

A former Banker by trade and a Chartered Accountant by education, Mr.Charan joined Vaigai in 2007 with strengths in retail sales and operations management. Our retail expansion from one flagship store to four state-of-the-art showrooms has taken place under his able supervision. Mr.Charan has installed systems and processes that enable us to handle the increasing volume of business in a streamlined manner. He oversees the retail operations of our business and is responsible for expanding our product and brand portfolios.