Buyer's Guide

This Buyer’s Guide is part of Vaigai’s Customer Care initiative, to ensure that your buying experience with us is smooth, transparent and effective.

The displays you see at Vaigai showrooms are cherry-picked selections by our merchandising team to showcase the best of each brand and to enable you to browse and buy products that meet your requirements.

  1. Product Selection: Our Sales Staff are trained to suggest products based on the requirements of the customer. Therefore, if you want a non- slippery floor, or a floor for heavy usage or where a huge weight will rest on the floor, please ask the sales staff, they will suggest the appropriate product.
  2. Calculating the quantity per order:
    1. All our quotation specify the tile sizes in millimetres. This may seem unimportant, however this will ensure that the drawings made by your architect/engineer are exact to give the best finish possible and will help prevent rework on quantities to be ordered.
    2. We do not approximate the square feet/box. Therefore, 15.63 does not become 16. This ensures that you pay for the correct amount of product delivered. This means that when you buy 100 boxes, our method saves you from paying for 37 extra feet.
  3. Laying Services:
    1. We offer pre laying technical service where our trained tile technician will visit the site of the customer and explain to the layer the best way to lay the tiles.
    2. The technician will also check whether there are any colour variation due to different manufacturing dates or batches and help plan your site accordingly.
    3. We do not offer tile laying services but we can refer you to known and well-reputed contractors who can execute the job in line with your requirements
  4. Order Delivery: We deliver only complete order quantities to your site. This will help in the following
    1. Avoid color variations due to different batches of manufacturing
    2. Better site management as the work is handled from start to finish without gaps as all materials will be available
  5. Product grievances: We pride ourselves in dealing with the most reputed brands of tiles. However, if you are unsatisfied about the manufactured quality of a specific product, we arrange for the manufacturer’s representative to visit the site and resolve the matter. Please note that this is possible only in cases where the tiles have not yet been laid.
  1. Product Selection:
    1. Our Sales Staff are trained to understand the technical requirements of each product for proper functioning. They are trained to seek information from you to help select the best-fit products. For instance, they will ask you whether you are installing a pressure pump to enhance the water pressure, as this is a requirement for many premium fixtures. We urge our customers to kindly share information with our sales staff to better enable our understanding of your requirements.
    2. We usually add the items, which are necessary to complete the installation of the products purchased. Therefore, when you buy a washbasin, the bolts necessary to install the washbasin will be billed at an additional cost. This is done to ensure that there are no issues at the site during installation. Please feel free to ask your Vaigai representative for any clarifications on the items included.
  2. Technical support:
    1. For renovation projects, we offer a free site inspection before products are suggested, to evaluate the state of the pipes and other plumbing. For example, if a pressure pump is installed in a house with weak pipes it can cause internal leaks. Or to check whether a wall hung closet can be installed or only a floor mounted closet can be installed.
    2. We offer FREE technical support for installations in Chennai city. Our Technicians will provide best practices and installation support to your plumbing team to ensure proper installation of all the products purchased from us.
    3. We also provided an allied service called Vaigai Bath Fix if you would like Vaigai’s team to handle all your installations. Ask your Vaigai representative about this service.
  3. Order Delivery: We deliver only in the following stages to ensure site is completed properly
    1. All concealed items: These include products that are concealed inside the wall.
    2. All exposed items: These include products installed only after tiling is done.

At Vaigai, we have expertise in guiding our customers, when they are renovating their own Flat / House. We find that often, many people do not engage an Architect or Interior Designer to work on the renovation project. Therefore, they rely on some of these simple guidelines that we share with them:

  1. We look at the age of the building and the floor already used and suggest what tiles can be used. We also suggest how it can be laid.
  2. In case of a Flat, removing the old mosaic or tile is cumbersome and may cause disturbance to neighbours. We evaluate if a tile on tile solution can be done instead.
  3. We also suggest that customers check the pipelines, especially if it is more than 15 years old before they work on changing the bathroom tiles. This is because, in some cases, after spending time and money on the tiling work, the pipeline is found to be rusted and the whole process has to be redone.